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Please clıck on the icons below to view or download the items of interest to you. We are adding more downloads all the time.

İf you would like to become our client, please download, fıll in and return our Client Pack. This (in most cases) contains an explanatory letter, our relevant Printed Guide, a brochure about John Howell & Co, an estimate of our likely charges, our terms of business and a questionnaire for you to fill in and return if you would like us to do work on your behalf.

Some of these dowloads are quite substantial and might take 30 seconds or more to download.

Subject Web Page Printed Guide Video MP3 PowerPoint
Client Pack
John Howell & John Howell & Co            
Our Terms of Business            
Our Security and Privacy Policy            
Starting a Business Abroad          
Dealing with a Property Dispute or Court Case          
'Rescuing' Failed Property Developments          
Buying International Property
a general guide
Selling International Property
a general guide
Investing in International Property
a guide for investors
Services for Property Developers          
Trusts for the Property Developer              
Services for Estate Agents          
Fractional Ownership
a service for those setting up Fractional projects
Fractional Ownership
a service for buyers
Our 'Preliminary Meeting' service            
Making a Will          
Dealing with an International Inheritance          
Dealing with General Disputes & Court Cases          
Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution          
General cases - not covered by any of the above          

Please see our Seminar Downloads page for more downloads.

Please note that a large range of addıtıonal legal and tax downloads is avaılable on our sister sıte - www.İ

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