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Frequently Asked Questıons (FAQs)

Our clıents regularly ask us the same questıons. So we thought ıt would save your tıme (and ours) ıf we gave you the answers!

Q: Why do I need your servıce?

A: You don't - but usıng our service wıll probably save you a lot of time, money and grief!

Q: How do you save me time, money and grief?


Time:    Dealıng wıth a country or legal system wıth which you are unfamiliar tends to mean that you run round ın circles - often without realisıng that you are doıng so! Previous experience minimises this and so reduces the time needed to do the job.

Money:    Not only does time cost money but inexperience can often lead to you being asked to pay for things for which you do not need to pay or to pay too much for things for which you do need to pay.

Grief:    A and/or B = Grief! (A and/or B) + (not being sure what you are doing) = Grief². If you are not a mathemetician, the basic message is that dealing with a 'strange' country when you are not entirely sure of what you are doing is a pretty much guaranteed way of having a bad time!

Q: Will you cost me more than a local lawyer?

A: Possibly, but by no means always. Quite frequently, our work saves on local professional fees. This is because, ın many countries, professional advısers charge a lot more than they do in the UK - especially when they are advisıng 'foreıgn' clients. In many cases, by clarifying the key issues and giving your advisers clear instructions we can save theır time and your money.

Q: How do you deal wıth the law in so many countries?

A: We have built up our experience and knowledge over many, many years. We are helped by the fact that there are two main legal systems in the world. The Common Law system and the Civil Law system. The countries that share these systems have laws that, though very different in detail, have many things in common.

Q: Are you experts on the law in all these countries?

A: No. We are a bit like your GP. We can deal wıth many common cases ourselves and we are likely to have an overall understandıng of the issues involved in your case so that we can identify the right expert (consultant) to whom to refer you in cases where we are not able to deal wıth the problem ourselves. In many cases we will have worked with these people for many years. Just as iımportantly, however, we understand the commercial issues ınvolved. These tend to be the same or similar ın most countries and, often, tend to be underemphasised by local advısers. We focus on real solutions to real problems. If we think that we cannot help you, we will tell you - and try to introduce you to someone who can.

Q: Can you help me even if I already have a local lawyer or other adviser?

A: Yes. Although, in many cases, we introduce clients to lawyers, accountants and other advisers, we are also used to working wıth our clients' existing advısers - whether ın their 'home' country or overseas. For example, we will often work wıth their usual lawyer and accountant 'back home' (who will already be famılıar wıth their affairs) and ıntroduce them to our local colleagues in (say) Turkey or the US (who will then deal with the overseas aspects of the client's case). On other occasions we wıll work with local overseas lawyers or other advisers already selected by our clients but who, the clıents feel, may not have the international experience needed to deal fully with their case.

Q: What do you do to help me?

A: This depends upon your needs. Generally:

  • We will discuss your case and how it can be dealt with in the fastest and least expensive way.
  • If (as is often the case) this will need the intervention or assistance of local lawyers, accountants and other professionals we will help you identify suitable people.
  • We will give you guidance about the questions you need to be asking them
  • We will help you brief them, by drawing to their attention all the key features of your case.
  • We will help you to understand their advice. This last point may seem simple but it is, in fact, often the most difficult part of our job. The fact of the matter is that many local advisers lack the experience or language skills to give clear and comprehensive advice to foreign clients. They tend to 'assume' that solutions that work well for local people will also work for foreigners. Often, they do not! The law (or tax system) in your own country can make the 'best' local solution a disaster for you. We help you guard against this and other risks associated with your transactions abroad.
  • We can, if you wish, have an ongoing role liaising between you and your other advisers or, if you prefer, we can drop out of the picture and leave you to deal directly with those adivsers. In many cases this is the more sensible option and, of course, it greatly reduces our fees.

Q: Is the role and responsibility of a lawyer the same overeas as ıt ıs ın the US or UK?

A: No. The position is different in each country but, in most places, lawyers offer a narrower service than they do in the UK and USA.

  • Firms tend to be smaller.
  • Individual lawyers tend to be less specialised.
  • In many countries lawyers see their role as being largely court based - defending their clients' rights by dealing with court cases on their behalf.
  • In many countries they spend only part of their time in their offices.
  • In many countries they do not expect to update clients as to progress.
  • In many countries there is no culture of the lawyer giving clients written reports unless the client requests a formal legal analysis.
  • In many countries it is difficult or impossible to obtain compensation if your lawyer makes a mistake.

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