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International Legal, Tax & Property Investment Advice

John Howell is an internationally recognised expert in helping people who have 'international' legal, tax, property or property development problems. That is, problems, projects or business opportunities relating to a country in which they do not live.

He has been doing this work for over 30 years.

His main clients are English speaking individuals and companies who have dealings with a country where English is not the native language but who prefer to conduct their business in English.

They seek his advice because they realise that:

  • It is the interaction between the law, tax systems and business cultures ın the two countries that produce both the best opportunities and the gravest dangers
  • Few local advisers will have the experience necessary to identify these international issues, opportunities and problems - much less the ability to explain them clearly in English!




Expert advice about what you really need to know when you have dealings with another country.

Including the things the local lawyers don't bother to tell you because they think you already know them!

Expert advice given to you in clear and non-technical English by someone who has spent half a lifetime specialising in the field.

Do your advisers fully understand what you want - and do you fully understand the advice being given to you?

Take advantage of our local contacts, built up and tested over 30 years.

Lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, surveyors, architects, estate agents & other experts. What you need. Where you need ıt.

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