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Download seminars and other materials - listed by COUNTRY

Please clıck go to one of the pages on this sub-menu to download the items of interest to you. We are adding more seminars to download all the time.

Please note that older seminars and materials may be out of date and that the older they are the greater the problem! We still make them available as clients tell us they are interesting and useful. Be warned!

We usually only leave them here for about 2 years - otherwise they can get TOO out date to be of either use or interest!

In any event, these seminars must be treated as being no more than items of general interest and orientation.

They do not constitute legal advice and we do not accept any liability for anything you do (or do not do) as a result of downloading them.

Please note that a large range of addıtıonal legal and tax downloads is avaılable on our sister sıte -

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