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Every day we receive, from our colleagues around the world and other sources, thousands of pages of information about developments in the law and taxation in many countries. Sometimes the information received seems sufficiently important (or just plain interesting) to make it worth sending out to our clients.

In 2009, I was - with great reluctance - persuaded that the future lay with the blog and not with our newsletters.

For a while, I ran the two in tandem but we have now ceased to publish regular newsletters, though we may from time to time produce special editions to deal with a topic of general interest and importance.

I have not been as diligent about blogging as I should, perhaps, have been. I only post an entry when something important happens and that is not every day.

As time has gone on, I have realised that different clients have different interests and so I now produce two different blogs.

International Legal Insider

As the name suggests, this covers changes to the law (including changes to tax law) in many countries around the world.

Sometimes the postings are quite lengthy. On other occasions they are short and largely serve to point you to the law in question.

International Property Insider

This blog is designed, mainly, for our property investor clients, for developers and for agents and other professionals in the international property industry.

It contains information from the various countries in which we do business that we think will be of interest to people in the property world.

This includes market news, statistical and research information and comment about interesting goings on.

What it DOES NOT include is anything asking you to buy anything.

There is a lot of total rubbish produced in connection with international property, most of it from people who are making money from selling you particular properties or their sure-fired system for becoming a multi-millionaire in seven days!

You will not find that here.


Not over my dead body!

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